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Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am putting together a list of best places to eat cheap in Hamilton- according to the following criteria.

The parametres are broad, all cuisines, all eateries, food trucks. Provide a list of what you ate, take a picture even, and provide the cost. Remember 3 courses under $20.00 or a quick snack or sandwich under $10.00. Lets get a list that gives the little man a shout out, the chains can do that themselves.

If you would like to add to the list, email me at
click on the title link to view the mission statement and the list.

I received some mass email from Councilor Merulla to all HSR drivers in error. Thanks Sam for this timely update, but I am not an HSR employee. I appreciate the detour info, albeit I don't travel the MOHAWK line to often. If any Barton or King detour info pops up, please feel free to include me in your mass email list. On an even lighter note, a while back you passed on some of my concerns as follows,

REPLY From: The General Manager
Subject: RE: (Edit) City workers visiting local bar

Councillor Merulla and Mr. Oliphant,
Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.
Upon detailed investigation by the Manager of Roads it has been determined that a crew of employees had stopped in this area for a break when observed by Mr. Oliphant.
The GPS system that is installed on the truck confirmed that the vehicle was standing for fifteen minutes.  Interviews confirmed that Espresso Coffee was consumed at the Club.
Thank you.

I would have to say I wouldn't be caught dead in these dive bars, but hey if city employees still find their Espresso Coffee the bomb, who am I to say. Maybe a community newsletter should follow, "Best dumps to get your buzz on, according to the public works department". Seriously, I wouldn't go a salon and get my haircut because they served you a drink while you are waiting(I read it in the Spec, it had to be true). Why would you get a coffee at a bar, that doesn't sell food(solid)?


  • I got to thinking and thought the rest of council could help with the idea floating around my brain,
Hi, firstly thank to all of you councilors and Mr. Mayor,

This email, I hope provokes some much needed laughter in your busy lives. I originally sent this email in reply to one sent by Councillor Merulla, in which he perplexed me with his thankful concern to HSR drivers to avoid a manhole repair, the problem is I have never been a employee of the HSR. I would though, be grateful to any other councilors who could provide me with any other similar updates on HSR detours as I do use many  hsr r
outes in my daily commutes. As far as the second half of my inquiry to Mr. Merulla, it concerned an old email in which I felt it wasn't appropriate for city workers to get their coffee buzz at a couple of North end dive bars. I was assured as you will read by (the General Manager), these transactions where above par. Please, I would love to gather a list of Hamilton "five star dive bars" a term coined by Food Channel Cook Guy Fieri, in which I could post on my blog to ensure these businesses are the tops according to Hamilton city employees.

To all a great weekend and please come visit he hood and maybe we can have a coffee.
I couldn't believe it when I got replies that where not nasty! In fact showed Councillors actually have a personality(sic)

Thanks for sharing your email.

I have to admit that I no longer attend "five star dives". You see recently, I leaned back in a new city hall chair and heard something snap. At first, I thought it was just one of my stiff joints. However, when I looked up... I noticed everyone was smiling at me. Well, that was the first day of my new "triple d" diet. However,I am still a fan of "diners, drive-ins, and dives", but I just look and don't eat. ;-)


Brad Clark
Councillor Ward 9
Heritage Stoney Creek 
Hello Kendall
Thanks for your email and it accomplished what you set out to do. It brought a smile to my face.
As for diners that are on the bus route in Ward 11? Ward 11 is very limited to HSR routes. Having said that, we have Frankie's in Mount Hope on Homestead Drive (as you come off hwy#6) and of course "The Egg and I" on Upper James.

Hope this helps
Brenda Johnson
Councillor Ward 11
the Communities of:
Glanbrook, Rural Upper Stoney Creek and Winona 

Remember this list is nothing without you. Please feel free to contribute often.

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